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- americans.neighborhood leaders are happy this is behind them. calvin balll howard local activists are calling a petitiondrive to overturn zoning foo a newwegmans n mills...."deceptive."they claim tte petition drive is being secreely funded by two prominenn developers....ho fear the wegmans...and otter projects...will create too much competitionnor thhii own activists...are urging petition. (goldstein) "you know, this is just goint to have a drastic &peconomic impactt...that nobod &pcaa calclulatee" calclulate."we contacted the two get their reaction to the petition drive...but have not heard back ffom either one. the numbers ... from....the... deadly peningitts outbreak... are... climbing fast..../ tonight, ... reports .../ 105....cases confirmed...///. and... 7--- deaths... nationwide..../ kathleee cairns... joins us.../ withh.. the very latess... new tonight,, there re now five confirmed cases in maryland... and one death linked to the meniigitis outbreak. the possible time period where one could have been infecced i also say the taiited sterood c
. mapbelairfiberrap395maps 3 oriolee merchandise hhs been flying off the helves faster than a some local t-shirt makers aae betting it's going to continue. joel d. smith is in dundalk to show us how quickly an idea, and then a shirt can hit the ma. markee. hey therr guys. orioles fever is all around.......ll around......orioles fever is all dundalk, joel d. smith, ox 45 news. 33 a chinese food restaurant is accused oo braaching away from serving up roadkill. school gets a special visit from a rising star.what he did to have girls swooning: 3oming up in six minutes..- --adblib weather tzz- 3 p tz-- nn!nn!n!n!n! authorrties come up empty handee... in the latest search for former teamsters boss, jimmy hoffa.pollceetook soil samplls from a home in roseville, michigan... aftee a man claamed he saw a body being buried there hennhoffa disappeared in 1975.the teetss showed no evidence of any human remmins. your smartphone can do just aaout anything... with one small exception.those tiny speakers makk it hard to reelly rook out when shariig musii with your one product
: "there's been extraordinarily close &pcoordination eeweennstate, federal, nd local gvernments." povernments." 3&bothhcampaiggs consider thee electoral vvtes, a must-win. shows rooney leaaing the president by 2 points in 3hio... -3 pnd ttousands of people... with a reppesentative of talkk minutts.coming up in eight so anyway, i've been to a lot of people save a lot of money. af but today...( sfx: loud noise of metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. how you doing? alright, alright. now this is a party. what is that? go, go, go. mmm. give me some of that sauce. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. this is it. now this is a party. [ male announcer ] try a 3 piece combo for just $5. today tastes so good. the damage inflicted by h
com slashh paarice sanders fox455news at 5:30. 3 a... local man ... is... maaing national stage..../david correy ... is... a... standout... n the... fox show... "the x facto" factor."david sings: girl when i see your face.. theres not a thing i would change &pthe 26 year ld marylandd resident... impressed the judges... when singing... "just the way youu are"... by bbuno ars....// david drrve 13 hours... through thunderstorms... to get to his audition in greensboro north carolinn...//. pt paid offf.. because ...he was sent through to thh next round....//davii tells us... he was actually debating whether he should try for the shot at fame. "davii says -doing tv reality shows for me, i was always wanted tootarniih what people thought of me, oh that's not respectable, i was always really cautious bout that." that."you caa see avid and at 8-pm here on fox 45. 3 a college mmrchinn band puts on quite a isplay during halffime.the homage ppid to the kid in all of us... coming up. &p3 first alligator pool parries... now átigerá pool parties??in florida..
election day...governor o'malley is reacting to some &pclaims made in locall olitica ads. as john ydell reports....he govvrnoris calling those false....completell false..- (ryyell) nw tt sandy sssarfrarnd once again packed. but governor o'mallee is ow &pexpressing concern about the connent of some of thooe ack by his side...governor p'malleycasts...his baalot.but hees also speekinout...about a poit awhh gs expand gambling. (politi pgming...which owns hollywood casinin charlestown west irgia.a casin..thatuld prince geerge's county.(gooernor))"it'ss governor says maryland has made record investments in public eduuation. (governorr "a f we pass question 7, osgoincreases in nuo up educatioo four years forward....f we ddn't pprove question 7, then we won't havee city delegate curtanderso...e &pis not convinced...that more gammling revvnuee..will meanna ttke out some of the oll money and i just thinkg it's an argument thaa's meant to try toofool people."((ydell) "and with the tnout of early ting, he hopps folks will make heii decision based on &ppersonal conviition ant
ws part of they ffcused on theeimportanne of play nd critical life skills in ccildren. a... local musician... factor..what the judges had to say bout david correy's perffrmance. ---protest ats--- nats--- ppotesters clash with police.... why students are rioting in taly. 3 --adblib weathee tz-- ---prrtest nats--- nats--- [ thunder crashes ] the first and most important step toward accomplishing something is showing up. [ thunder crashes ] and with the most advanced all-wheel-drive system in its class that adapts to conditions as they change, now all you have to worry about is what you accomplish when you get there. ♪ violeece at a protest against eeucation ssending cuts in italy. thousands of ollege and hhgh school students...claahing with ccps in riot gear. five students were njured here in milan...anothhr similar clashes --- in romm and turin. because of italy's debt crisis, the &ppublic sectorrworkers. young eople say they aren't deserve.. a landscappr comes face to face with an 8-foot alligator. the man was working aa a plant nursery in north carolina... when he s
several local protest groups have alled for the indictment of theeofficerssinvolved. and tonight, more specclation over the pending full medical examiner's report. report. pis system"rly 3p i spoke with the chief medical examiner today.. and he says e cannot confirm or denn that information. meaatimee a police spokesman pays they expect the report to be deeivered as early as released attthat time. live in eest baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. a stabbing at baltimore student to the hospitallt a - hospital. it happened this morning inside heritage high school which is part of the lake clifton high schooo complex.the victim s liited in stable condition aa johns hopkins hospital. and pollce ssa they are questioning a person of iiterest in the incident. customs agents reportedly seized more than a pound of cocaine from traveler at dulles nternational airport. the man arriied at the airport saturday afternoon oo a flight from gatemala.officers saad two white jars with false side - linings.the alleged courier has been sent back to guatemmla and is
mayor aaso nnounced aaplan to lessen traffic on local streets near thh port.. by designating routes for commerccal trucks. srb: "tte improvements will improve traffic flow, they and anyyhing e can do to help - support thh work thats happening heee at the portt being made with the csx, with the other investments that are baltiiore.. the second and thirr phases sidewalks, urbs and street llghts. tonight?brandi proctor has nig- our traffic edge report. report. mapfibbrlibertyshawanmap395map 3halloween arrives early for hospital.s innthe hospptal. there were costumessand games phildren's center.... thanks to olluteers from the spirit halloween store.patients made arts anddcrafft... and trickk or treatee arrund the hospital ... and even ttough its halloween .... the partyywas &pmeant to maae tteir stay at the hospital... a little less scary. "iq: so what they're tryyng o &pcommunities." thhrr was also a halloween party for patients at theemt. washington pediatric hospital. fighting back against speeders. the drastic stee ooe mmnn s are saying about it.eighbors 3 "you onny sse that
here in marrland. myrandaastephens is here with the numbers... and he response from local peaaers. oot of more ttan 12-hundred within the boo scouts of america... about 90-of those cases are heee in maryland. the documents were releasedd representing alleged victims - alleged molestations occurred from he early 1960s to thee 1980s. in many cases ... boy scout leaders repprtedly turned a blind eye to thh allowed admitted offenders to quietlyyresign under fake leaders referree us to the national office... which issued n apology ... and detailed recent policy changes. 2:39 these olicies include insuring at least twooadults preventinn one-onnone contact between an addlt aad a youth member, requiring every scoutiig activity be opened to observation bb parents, and mandaaing thht suspiccons of abuue be reppoted to the proper loccl authorittes and to scouting leadership. the 90-cases here in marylann waldorf.. altiioreecity had the most with 16... althouuh it's not cerrain all of those cases were within city limits. myranda sttphenn, foo45 nnws &pat ten. there is o worse painnfoo a paul
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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